The origin of Cupped Waterfowl is rooted in passion – like most great things. The desire to see more sunrises, spend extra time with your dog, and filling limits led to the design of Cupped Waterfowl products. This is not the same ol’ same ol’ grandfather gear. We wanted our gear to be designed for modern day guides and passionate hunters. Every time we set out to design a product, an inconvenience or modern problem disappears:

Wet cell phone?
SOLUTION: Waterproof Pockets in all bags

Wet waders in your truck?
SOLUTION: Wader Bags

A decoy line that’s tangled or too long for the depth?
SOLUTION: Texas Rigs or Line Adjusters

Slotted bags that don’t stack?
SOLUTION: Stackable Decoy Bags

Next time your gear gets wet because the water soaks through the bottom of your backpack think of Cupped Waterfowl. We fixed that problem, too – a hard, plastic bottom to prevent water saturation.

Designed by guides and built with the highest quality materials available, we are sure you will enjoy the gear. Cupped Waterfowl products are designed by waterfowlers for waterfowlers. We know the difference between a flute and a short reed.

Here’s to hoping your next season is spent with people, dogs, gear that you love, the wind at your back, and the bird Cupped in your spread.